Best paragliding spots in Tenerife

Paragliding in Tenerife: A Flight to Paradise

Tenerife, a gem in the heart of the Canary Islands, is famous not only for its eternal spring-like climate, dreamy beaches, and the majestic Teide but also for being a privileged destination for paragliding enthusiasts. The island offers a perfect combination for paragliding in Tenerife thanks to its gentle winds, varied topography, and panoramic views that make it an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we will discover the best spots to spread your wings and soar the skies of Tenerife, providing you with all the information you need for your aerial adventure.

Teide: The Volcanic Heart of Tenerife

Dominating the landscape of Tenerife, the imposing Teide is not only an iconic symbol of the island but also the guardian of some of the best thermal currents for paragliding. From the heights, pilots can enjoy a unique view of the lunar crater, pine forests, and the vast coastline stretching to the blue horizon of the Atlantic. Flying in the shadow of Teide is an experience that combines adrenaline, natural beauty, and the feeling of absolute freedom.

Taking Off from the Peaks to the Coast

Tenerife unfolds as a perfect canvas for paragliding, with flight options that cater to both novice adventurers and experienced pilots. From take-offs in Taucho and Ifonche, through the high-altitude experience in Izaña, to coastal flights over Playa de la Enramada and Costa Adeje, each place offers a unique perspective of the island. Imagine soaring above Puerto de la Cruz and Playa de las Américas, where the blue of the sky blends with the ocean’s, or feeling the sea breeze as you fly over Puerto Colón and the vibrant southern beaches.

For those seeking an even more thrilling experience, there are Paratrike flights from Adeje, a mode that combines the excitement of paragliding with the power of an engine, allowing you to explore the skies of southern Tenerife with an additional level of adrenaline and safety. These experiences are not just flights; they are aerial adventures that allow you to admire the diversity of Tenerife’s landscapes, from volcanic ravines and flowery valleys to the imposing silhouette of Teide and the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island.

1. Paragliding in Tenerife from Taucho, Ifonche, or Izaña

Paragliding in Tenerife from Taucho, Ifonche, or Izaña

Elevate Your Senses:
Embark on an exciting adventure and experience the thrill of soaring over Tenerife from the heights of Taucho, Ifonche, or Izaña. This paragliding flight is your ticket to unparalleled panoramic views and the sense of freedom that only the sky can offer.

Flight Options:

  • From Taucho: Begin your adventure at 800 meters above sea level and glide through the air for 15 to 20 minutes, admiring the coastline of Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan, Playa de Las Américas, and Los Cristianos.
  • From Taucho or Ifonche: Elevate the experience with a 25-minute flight from the Ifonche Natural Park at 1100 meters, soaring over the Barranco del Infierno and Roque del Conde, with views extending from Los Gigantes to El Médano.
  • From Izaña: For the adventurers, this 30 to 40-minute flight from the summit of Izaña, at 2200 meters, takes you through the Teide National Park, offering spectacular views of the volcano, the sea of clouds, and the lush forested area.

A Unique Experience:
With each flight, you will immerse yourself in a world where earth and sky meet. Accompanied by experts, you will learn the basic paragliding techniques, from takeoff to gentle landing. This experience is not just about admiring the landscape; it’s about feeling it, living it, and flying through it.

Preparation and Safety:
Safety is paramount. You will receive detailed instructions on safety procedures and flight techniques to ensure that your experience is as safe as it is thrilling. This adventure is open to anyone wishing to fly, provided health and weight criteria are met.

Get ready to defy gravity.

2. Paragliding in Tenerife with the National Champion: Soaring Over Adeje

Paragliding in Tenerife with the National Champion: Soaring Over Adeje

An Encounter with the Elite:
Get ready for a unique paragliding experience in Tenerife, guided by none other than a National Paragliding Champion. This opportunity allows you to soar the skies of Adeje, glide over canyons, and enjoy stunning coastal views, all under the expert supervision of a true master of the air.

The Experience:
From the moment of takeoff to the gentle landing on the beach, you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The session begins with a brief but comprehensive safety briefing, ensuring you feel comfortable and ready for the flight, which will last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Varied Routes:
The flight will take you through dynamic and exciting routes, which may include flying over the Conde Ridge or gliding over the island’s deep ravines, each offering a unique and spectacular perspective of Tenerife’s landscape.

Memorable Moments:
As you approach the landing area, you’ll have the option to experience aerial acrobatics or even take the controls and feel the thrill of piloting a paraglider, always under the watchful eye of your champion instructor.

Included Services:
The experience includes pick-up and drop-off from selected hotels, all necessary safety equipment, and the opportunity to immortalize your adventure with Go-Pro photos. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the adventure.

A Safe Adventure:
While excitement is guaranteed, safety is paramount. The flight is designed for people of all ages, although there are some restrictions to ensure the well-being of all participants.

It is recommended to wear sportswear and closed-toe shoes to enjoy this experience comfortably and safely.

Immerse yourself in an adventure that combines the thrill of flight with the serenity of Tenerife’s landscapes, all under the guidance of a national paragliding champion. This experience is not just a flight; it’s a moment of connection with nature, sports, and the pure excitement of flying.

3. Paragliding from the Heights of Teide in Puerto de la Cruz

Paragliding from the Heights of Teide in Puerto de la Cruz

From the Heart of the National Park:
Embark on a paragliding adventure that starts from one of Tenerife’s most stunning locations: the Teide National Park. This unique flight offers you the chance to take off from an astonishing altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, providing an unparalleled aerial perspective of the island.

The Adventure:
The experience begins in Puerto de la Cruz, from where you’ll be transported to the takeoff point in the heart of the park. Prepare for an exciting launch and a 25 to 35-minute flight that will take you soaring over volcanic landscapes before ending with a gentle landing on the beach.

Dreamlike Landscapes:
As you glide through the air, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the majestic Teide, vast lava fields, and the contrast between lush vegetation and the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a unique opportunity to admire the natural beauty of Tenerife from a privileged perspective.

Professionals in Charge:
Your flight will be guided by professional pilots from Parapente Lucas, ensuring your safety and an unforgettable experience. All the necessary equipment for the flight will be provided, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure journey.

Services and Amenities:
In addition to the thrilling flight, transportation to and from Puerto de la Cruz is included, as well as insurance for your peace of mind. Although photos and videos of your flight are available for an additional cost, they are the perfect way to capture and remember this unique adventure.

To fully enjoy this experience, it is recommended to wear sunglasses and comfortable footwear. Please take into account age and weight restrictions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

This paragliding flight from Teide is not just an activity; it’s an opportunity to connect with the nature of Tenerife in an exciting and memorable way. Get ready to heighten your senses and live an experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your visit to the island.

4. Paragliding in Tenerife from the New Corona Viewpoint in Los Realejos

Paragliding in Tenerife from the New Corona Viewpoint in Los Realejos

A Unique Experience Over Tenerife’s Landscape:
Embark on an adventure with an exhilarating paragliding flight from the Corona Viewpoint in Los Realejos. This experience offers you a unique perspective of the island, combining the thrill of flight with spectacular views.

The Baptism Flight:
Perfect for beginners or those looking to experience the sensation of flying for the first time, this baptism flight lasts approximately 10 minutes. From an altitude of 800 meters, you’ll glide smoothly over Tenerife’s volcanic and coastal landscape, guided by a professional instructor.

Preparations and Safety:
Before taking to the skies, you will receive detailed instructions on safety guidelines and the takeoff and landing process. No prior experience is required, just the desire to have an unforgettable adventure.

Equipment and Comfort:
All necessary equipment is provided to ensure a safe and comfortable flight. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing and suitable athletic footwear, as well as bring some extra layers to accommodate variable conditions at altitude.

Photographic Memories:
The experience includes photographs of your flight, which will be shared on social media with your permission. It’s a wonderful way to capture and share your paragliding adventure with friends and family.

Access and Transportation:
Transportation from the meeting point to the flight location is included, ensuring a worry-free experience from start to finish.

Outdoors Tenerife: Your Adventure Partner:
This experience is offered by Outdoors Tenerife, a specialized adventure sports company that guarantees a safe, exciting, and memorable experience. Get ready to take off and explore Tenerife from a new perspective with this unforgettable paragliding experience.

5. Paragliding in South Tenerife Biplane with Brisa Paragliding

Paragliding in South Tenerife Biplane with Brisa Paragliding

Elevate Your Adventure in Tenerife:
Experience paragliding in a unique way with Brisa Paragliding Tenerife. This tandem experience invites you to soar over the south of Tenerife, offering unforgettable views and an unparalleled sense of freedom.

Tandem Flight: Share the Excitement:
The tandem flight is perfect for those who want to share the excitement of flying. Accompanied by an experienced pilot, you will rise above the stunning landscape of Tenerife, enjoying a safe and thrilling experience.

Duration and Flight Details:
The flight experience lasts approximately 20 minutes, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. The entire excursion, including preparations and transportation, takes about 2 hours.

Safety and Comfort:
Safety is paramount at Brisa Paragliding Tenerife. All necessary safety equipment, including harness, helmet, and emergency parachute, is provided to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Pickup Included:
For your convenience, pickup service is included in the south of Tenerife, making access to the takeoff point easy and ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish.

An Experience to Remember:
In addition to the flight, you have the option to capture your moments in the air with a GoPro recording, including videos and photographs of your flight experience (available for an additional cost).

Requirements and Recommendations:
It’s important to note the maximum weight of 100 kg and the maximum age of 75 years to participate. It is recommended to wear sunglasses and comfortable footwear to fully enjoy the experience.

Brisa Paragliding Tenerife: Your Guide in the Sky:
With over 30 years of experience and an unwavering passion for flight, Brisa Paragliding Tenerife is committed to making your paragliding flight a unique and safe experience. Get ready to take off and live unique moments in the skies of Tenerife.

6. Experience Paratrike: Powered Paragliding over the South of Tenerife with Daydream Paragliding

Motorized Paragliding over the South of Tenerife

Introduction to Paratrike: Powered Paragliding:

Paratrike offers you an exciting variation of traditional paragliding, adding the power of a motor for a unique flying experience. Ideal for those who want to explore the skies of Tenerife in a different way, Daydream Paragliding invites you to discover the southern part of the island from a stunning perspective, flying over beaches, ravines, and the picturesque island landscape.

What is Paratrike?:
Unlike conventional paragliding, which requires running for takeoff, Paratrike allows you to comfortably take off and land while seated thanks to its structure equipped with wheels and a motor. It’s the perfect option for those seeking the thrill of flight without the physical demands of a foot launch.

Your Motorized Flight:
For 20 minutes, you will be taken on an exciting aerial journey where every moment is designed to offer you spectacular views and an unforgettable experience. The control provided by the motor allows for a smooth and manageable flight experience, perfect for fully enjoying the scenery.

Technology at Your Service:
Don’t let the noise of the motor worry you; you will be equipped with special headphones that not only reduce the sound but also allow clear communication with your pilot through a Bluetooth communication system.

Services Included for Your Comfort:
From transportation to safety equipment, Daydream Paragliding takes care of all the details so that your only concern is enjoying the experience. The Paratrike flight includes everything necessary to ensure you feel safe and comfortable during your aerial adventure.

Prioritizing Your Safety:
With the most advanced safety equipment and guidance from professional instructors, your well-being is paramount. Daydream Paragliding ensures that your airborne experience is safe and thrilling.

Flight Preparations:
Remember the weight and age recommendations for this activity and don’t forget to bring sunglasses and suitable footwear to maximize your comfort during the flight.

Discover Tenerife with Daydream Paragliding:
Get ready for a unique adventure with Daydream Paragliding, where the freedom to fly combines with the innovation of Paratrike for an unforgettable experience. Discover Tenerife from the air, with the excitement of powered flight and the beauty of the island landscape unfolding beneath your feet.

7. A Unique Paratrike Experience with Daniel Crespo

A Unique Paratrike Experience with Daniel Crespo

A Sky Adventure with a World Champion:

Ready for a sky adventure with a touch of exclusivity? Sky of Tenerife brings you an unforgettable paratrike experience guided by Daniel Crespo, a world champion in this style of flight. This is your opportunity to glide through the skies with an expert who will take you to discover the most stunning landscapes of southern Tenerife from a completely new perspective.

Customized Flight over Costa Adeje:
For about 25 minutes, you’ll feel the Atlantic breeze and the magnificence of Teide as you soar over Costa Adeje. This flight is not only an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying but also to admire the natural beauty of Tenerife from an exceptional angle. Whether you seek the tranquility of a serene flight or the adrenaline of bolder maneuvers, this experience caters to your desires.

Paratrike: Comfort and Excitement in the Air:
Paratrike combines the excitement of free flight with the comfort and safety of a motor, allowing you to take off and land smoothly without the need to run. It’s ideal for those who want to experience paragliding but prefer a more accessible option without compromising on adventure.

Top-notch Equipment and Personalized Attention:
Sky of Tenerife ensures that your experience is safe and enjoyable, providing high-quality equipment and personalized service. From the moment of pickup at your hotel to landing, you’ll be accompanied and assisted, guaranteeing a worry-free adventure.

Capture Your Moments in the Sky:
To immortalize your adventure, you’ll receive a photo report captured with GoPro technology, allowing you to relive your experience and share it with friends and family. The views of secret beaches, cliffs, and volcanic landscapes will be recorded not only in your memory but also in stunning images.

Preparations for Your Adventure:
Before taking off, you’ll receive a brief instruction to prepare you for the flight, ensuring that you fully enjoy every minute in the air. With Daniel Crespo as your guide, you’ll be in the hands of a true expert, ready to make your paratrike flight a memorable experience.

Dive into the Flight Experience with Sky of Tenerife:
Get ready to join Daniel Crespo on this exclusive paratrike adventure over Costa Adeje. Whether you’re seeking the serenity of the heights or the thrill of speed, this experience is designed to fulfill your dreams of flying. With the landscape of Tenerife unfolding beneath your feet, this will be an adventure you won’t forget.

8. Complete Beginner’s Paragliding Course in Tenerife

Complete Beginner’s Paragliding Course in Tenerife

Are You Craving More? Dive into the World of Paragliding:
If the experience of paragliding has left you wanting more and you have the desire to take control in the air, Sky of Tenerife offers the perfect opportunity with its Paragliding Flash Course. This course is designed not only to provide you with the unique sensations of flight but also to teach you the fundamentals of this thrilling sport.

Learn from the Experts:
Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will take your first steps into the fascinating world of paragliding. This intensive course combines essential theory with ground practices, preparing you for what’s to come: your first controlled flights in the air!

Two Days of Adventure and Learning:
Ideally spread over two days, this course will immerse you in an educational and exciting experience. The first day focuses on theory and ground handling of the paraglider, where you will learn to inflate, control, and steer the wing like a true pilot on solid ground.

The Big Moment: Educational Flights:
The climax of the course consists of two educational flights in which, accompanied by an instructor, you will take the reins in the air. These instructional flights are your opportunity to apply what you have learned, feel the thrill of control, and enjoy unparalleled views of Tenerife from the sky.

All-Inclusive for Your Adventure:
Sky of Tenerife provides you with all the necessary equipment for your safety and comfort, along with an introductory paragliding book to continue your learning. And to immortalize your experience, you will receive a GoPro package with photos and videos of your flights, an unforgettable memento of your introduction to paragliding.

A Course for Everyone:
Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a personal challenge, or simply a unique experience during your vacation in Tenerife, this paragliding course is the gateway to a world full of adrenaline, beauty, and freedom. Get ready to take off and experience the magic of flight in one of the most spectacular settings in the world.

Conclusion: Soar Over Tenerife and Experience the Thrill of Paragliding

After immersing ourselves in the thrilling world of paragliding with our exploration of the best flight experiences in Tenerife, we have discovered that the island is not only a paradise of natural beauty but also a perfect stage for adventures in the air. From serene flights from Taucho to taking off from the heights of Izaña, each paragliding experience has offered us a unique perspective of Tenerife’s stunning geography.

Tenerife stands not only as a destination of unparalleled scenic beauty but also as an epicenter of adventure for paragliding enthusiasts, where the tradition of free flight merges with technical innovation. Whether gliding over the crystal-clear coasts of the south or soaring alongside the majestic Teide, Tenerife provides flight experiences that cater to both the seasoned adventurer and the curious novice.

If you have had the fortune to soar the skies of Tenerife in paragliding or paratrike, we encourage you to share your experiences in the comments. Your stories not only enrich our community but also guide future visitors in their quest for the ideal flight experience in Tenerife. What was your favorite flight? Any experience that left a special mark on you? Your recommendations are the perfect guide for those who dream of flying in this island paradise.

And for those who, after a day of thrills in the air, seek a moment of relaxation and well-being, we invite you to discover the best spas in South Tenerife. A perfect complement to wrap up a day of adventure.

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